Who’s Your Favorite Shoe Designer?

You may have read about my Gianvito Rossi obsession not too long ago. It may have been obvious to you that I have a soft spot for Rossi’s sophisticated designs, but it took me a while to come to that conclusion. I didn’t want to have to pick favorites, because I really do love an assortment of shoes, but I think it’s clear who the winner is in my mind.
When you write about and analyze shoes as much as I do, you begin to hone in very quickly on what you like and what you don’t like. I like both towering high heels and flats, but I don’t like kitten heels. I love prints and neons, but I’ll pass on metallics–you get the idea. Whenever I’ve written about his shoes in the past, I couldn’t get enough of them, and somehow, someway, Gianvito Rossi made the cut. While I still love a fierce pair of Louboutins, Manolos or Jimmy Choos, there’s something about Rossi’s aesthetic that just clicks with me.
As if my obsession weren’t big enough, I also found three more pairs to add to my list!
I know it can be a very hard decision, but let’s hear it: who’s your favorite footwear designer?


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