Do you work with catalog closed models?

Our main focus is personalization, both in terms of design and the pieces that can compose your invitation. This entire process is usually done by the customer, so we do not work with closed model catalogs.

However, for customers with a lower budget, we have our Low Cost Service, with some closed models at more affordable prices.

What is the best way to get to know your work?

We suggest that the first contact is made by email to invitemomentos@gmail.comwith an indication of what you need. We will respond as soon as possible with our basic information, so that you have an idea of how we work.

After that first contact, we suggest you to schedule a face-to-face meeting at our atelier in Porto Salvo, Oeiras (if you are from Lisbon) or via Skype / WhatsApp if you are in another part of the country or abroad.

What is the importance of meetings?

Our meetings are mainly used to get to know you and understand exactly what you need. They are also important to show you all of our samples and types of papers that we have available and to build with you one or more options for your invitation.

Based on these options, we will make the a more specific cotation to what you need.

Is it mandatory to schedule a meeting?

No. However, we advise you to do so, as there are numerous formats of invitations, envelopes and other props that are not always available in our portfolio, which you can see live.

Even so, if you do not intend to schedule a meeting, just send an example image of what you neet, indicating quantities, so that we can send you a more specific cotation.

Does your work include design and printing?

Yes. All of our cotations include design and printing, unless you want only digital pieces, in which case we have special prices and conditions.

What are the average prices we can expect from your work?

Our prices depend on several factors: quantities, formats, number of pieces, etc … therefore, they are very variable.

However, if you want to have more fixed prices and with less customization, you can always consult our Low Cost Packs.

We already have our invitation designed, can you print our work?

No. We only print works designed and developed by us. We do not print works developed by others.

We can, however, reuse some elements that you have made (monogram, original illustrations), but always adapted to a new design developed by us.

After the cotation is approved, what is the next step?

After the cotation is approved, we will send you all payment instructions. However, the payment is mase in 2 parts, first for starting the design and at last for the production of the pieces.

After the first payment, we will start designing the pieces in digital format and send the proofs to you by email. Once the design is fully approved by you, the remaining amount is requested to go into production.

Before the whole process, we will inform you of all the timings and information we need from you.